About Business Trips

About Business Trips

In addition to private room massages, we also offer onsite massages.

Those who cannot come to Shinjuku due to time constraints.
Those who want to have a relaxing massage at home or in a hotel on a business trip.
When you do not want to go out on a rainy day.
You can experience the same excellent time as when you come to our store for only the cost of a business trip.

Business Trip Fee

Near Nishi-Shinjuku: Free Shinjuku, Nakano and Shibuya wards: 1,000 yen

Within the 23 wards of Tokyo other than the above: 3,000 yen

*Please consult with us about other areas.

Business trips are available from a 90-minute course.
We do not ask you to prepare anything. (We will bring everything you need for the treatment.)
Please take a warm shower and relax before your time.
The staff must be able to return to Shinjuku by the last train.