Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Do you offer on-site services?

A.Yes, there is. See the link below for more information.

Q.Can I use the showers?

A.You can take a shower before and after the treatment.

Q.I do not like the smell of aromatic oils.

A.Unscented oil is available. ※If you have a partner, don’t worry.

Q.What will I be wearing during the massage?

A.Massage is performed in the nude to give you a sense of freedom.

Q.Can I extend the course during the treatment?

A.If we do not have another appointment, it is possible. Please ask during the treatment.

Q.Do you accept credit cards?

A.Payment is cash only and must be made in advance. (In order for you to relax and have a tea time after the massage.)

Q.Will I be charged additional fees?

A.Please be assured that we do not charge any fees other than the course fee, with the exception of extension fees.