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◆Basic Thai oil massage◆

  • 60 minutes course ¥10,000(Wat Pho Aroma Oil Back Massage + Testicles’ Massage + Refresh)
  • 90 minutes course ¥13,000  ※Our second most popular course(Wat Pho Aroma Oil Back and Frontal Massage + Testicles’ Massage + Refresh)
  • 120 minutes course ¥16,000  ※Our most popular course!(Wat Pho Aroma Oil Whole Body Massage including the foot soles + Testicles’ Massage + Refresh)

◆Thai Special Massage◆

  • 180 minutes ¥22,000 (Combination of Thai Traditional Wat Pho Therapy + Whole Body Aroma Oil Massage + Foot Soles+ Testicles’ Massage + Refresh)

◆Pinoy Oriental Body Massage◆

  • 120 minutes  ※Our third most popular course (Healing Lymphatic Drainage Massage + Foot Sole + Testicles’ Massage + Refresh) Pinoy Oriental Massage is a combination of various elements of oriental and western medicine. You can get this special massage from our certified Pinoy Oriental Masseurs. The other staffs are also well trained to perform this massage. It is especially recommended for the approach to the deep muscle, neck, shoulders, around the scapulae and those with lower back pain.

◆Secret Course◆

  • 120 minutes ¥24,000 We prepared a Secret Course for customers who completed 6 visits in our shop. When booking please fill-in the “Secret Course” and question column. Details will be sent through an email.
  • ◆Extension Fee◆

    • ¥4,000/30 minutes