Our Staff

Taiga Hirabayashi

167cm 65kl 29yo

◆Supported Courses◆

・Basic Thai oil masage 90分 120分 ・Thai special massage 180分


167cm 65kg, 29 years old, 8 years of massage experience



The time written at the end is the completion time ※For business trips, the last appointment is a 9:00 p.m. start time.

◆Staff Introduction Message◆

He has the warmest hands on staff. He thinks about how to make it feel good and correct it, He has a good grip on the smallest stiff spots, and has a firm grip on pressure and closeness. Santos has endorsed the testicle massage as “as close to his technique as possible. It feels great, so please try it. His appearance is simple and cool, and his smile is soothing. He has a high nomination rate! He is the only staff who can do Chiang Mai style massage in Thai special 180 minutes.

◆Message from the Therapist◆

We are more than happy to hear our customers say, “That felt good, I’ll come back again! I am more than happy to hear that. I joined the store because I was interested in a job to heal people, but every day I myself am healed by the smiles of my customers. I will work on my massage with all my heart so that you can spend a peaceful time!⇒Taiga Twitter


Illustration, Photography, Singing

◆Customer Testimonials◆

As for the treatment, I felt it was similar to Daisuke’s feel. I thought that the training was well done. Mr. Taiga was a handsome man. I will come back again.