Our Staff

Carlo Santos

172cm 65kl 35yo

◆Supported Courses◆

・Basic Thai oil massage 60分 90分 120分
・Thai special massage 180分
・Pinoy Oriental body massage


172cm 65kg 35years old.11 years of massage experience



*In order to prevent coronas, we will come to work from home after the reservation is made. 30 minute advance reservation is required for one room and one person on standby. If you have a preferred time, we recommend that you make your reservation as early as possible. *For business trips, the last appointment is at 9:00 p.m. (We recommend that you make a reservation by noon on the day of the trip).

◆Staff Introduction Message◆

He is also an expert in massage training for staff. He is half Japanese and half Filipino. (He once played a bartender in a famous alcohol commercial.) He has short hair, a manly face, and is very gentlemanly. He is a popular staff member with many repeat appointments from customers. His technique is number one among our staff! He has large, warm hands that are both powerful and gentle, as if wrapped in a veil of silk. He graduated from a medical course at a hospital, so He knows more about bones and muscles than any other staff member. He has a technique to adjust and stretch the bones to relieve your body’s discomfort. We recommend that you continue to visit us. We have received many compliments from our customers saying, “I have never had a Japkasai (traditional Thai testicle massage) like this before. Please enjoy Pinoy Oriental body massage, which you can only experience at our store. We promise you a healing and pleasurable massage that you have never experienced before.

◆Message from the Therapist◆

English and Tagalog are the basic languages, Japanese and simple Spanish are also available. My skin color is brown. I love this job of healing people very much. I started massage because I want to improve their tired body and mind. I will do my best to make my clients happy with a massage that will make them feel at ease both physically and mentally after the massage and after they go home! ⇒Santos Twitter


Soccer and Swimming


◆Massage Career◆

・Worked at a massage parlor in the Philippines
・Completed Oil massage at Sanctuario School in the Philippines
・Completed Traditional Thai massage at WatPo, Bangkok
・Completed Oil massage at Body Options International in the Philippines
・Completed Thai Oil massage at Wat Po, Bangkok
※We have proofs on all these certificates.
(If we have a certificate of completion that we cannot show, you will not be charged for the massage.)


◆Customer Testimonials◆

Thank you for your attentive service from picking me up to seeing me off. The massage by Mr. Santos was not too strong and not too weak, but just the right amount of strength. Thank you very much for a great massage.

Thank you very much for today. It was the best massage I have ever had and I had a blissful time that was incomparable to any other massage I have had. Mr. Santos himself was a handsome man and a total hit. I will repeat my visit when I come to Tokyo again. Please convey my thanks to Mr. Santos as well.