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Spa Valiente's Commitment

Experience Our Thorough Hospitality

We offer a service that takes into a consideration to those who would like to try a gay massage but don't have the courage to go.

We often have clients who wanted to keep their real sexuality a secret from others (bisexuals or married people).

We are located far from the gay district so that even if someone you know happens to see you, your real sexual identity will be unsuspicious.

We use amenities that don't leave strong scent and take utmost care to ensure the confidentiality of our clients.

There is no face-to-face interaction with a reception staff. The only person you will meet is the staff who will perform the treatment. Please use the service with a peace of mind.

Feel the warmth of human touch through massage and release your daily stress.

Our diverse staffs, skilled in authentic massage will create a blissful experience of massage tailored to your preferences.

Authentic Oil and Traditional Massage

Relieving stiff shoulders, back pain, neck pain, and swelling, lymph drainage massage activates the flow of lymphatic fluid and removes unnecessary waste from the body.

You will be able to experience the skills we have acquired by attending 10 massage schools in 4 different countries.
Our store is unique that you can enjoy a gay massage while getting the benefits of professional massage at the same time. You can get two advantages in one visit.

In addition, aromatic oils can be used for sound sleep, beautiful skin, and relaxation.

We offer superb relaxation to relieve the fatigue of daily life.

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Manager Introduction

I am Ogasawara, manager of Valiente.

We created this store to make you and your loved ones around you feel good.

I want to go back to Valiente. I want to go back. I want to be healed both mentally and physically.

We value the importance of continuing to learn technology for this purpose.

We look forward to serving you.